Gas Safety Week with ImpraGas

Gas Safety Week with ImpraGas

Gas Safety is something everyone should be aware of, but most people are not. That is why the Gas Safe Register started Gas Safety Week to promote the importance of Gas Safety in people’s homes. 

What is Gas Safety Week? 

This week is an annual safety week that raises awareness about gas safety. It promotes the importance of taking care of your gas appliances. And that you should always get a Gas safe qualified engineer to carry out any gas or electrical work.

Gas Safe wants to keep the nation safe. Their ongoing work about gas safety throughout the year is decreasing the amount of cowboys that are getting into people’s homes.

Whenever you have any gas work done, always ask your engineer for their ID card. If they are Gas Safe, they will carry this logo with a specific number linked to them. You can check their Gas Safe license here.

When is Gas Safety Week? 

This year, Gas Safety Week ran from 16th-22nd September. Thousands of businesses have been promoting Safety week on their social media to help spread the word and keep people safe. It is advised that you get your appliances safety checked at least once a year.

This can prevent gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Simply having your gas appliances checked could save your life.

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Gas Safety Week – Promoting the importance of gas safety around the home.

How Can I stay Gas Safe? 

Gas Safe have a variety of messages that they wanted to promote to ensure that everyone is safe. Whether you are a landlord, a family or an elderly customer.

Follow these simple tips to stay Gas Safe:

  1. Check your carbon monoxide (CO) alarm regularly to ensure it is still working. If you are to have a CO leak, your alarm will pick it up and you can get out of the house quickly.

  2. Get your gas appliances checked every year. It is important that your gas appliances are safety checked once a year, and serviced regularly. This should be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. But what if you are a tenant? Ensure that your landlord arranges this.

  3. With any gas or electrical work that you have done, make sure your engineer is Gas Safe registered. You can check an engineer here or call 0800 408 5500.

When is the Next Gas Safety Week?

Currently, the date for next years Gas Safety Week has not been set. We can assume it is around the same time, so keep your eyes open and peeled on social media for more great tips next year!

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Helping the nation stay safe. One step at a time! For more Gas Safety information, you can visit: 

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