How to Reduce Your Heating Bills

How to Reduce Your Heating Bills - an article by ImpraGas

We all want to save money, and your energy bills are a great place to cut back in order to save a few pennies. Let’s take a look at our top rated tips on how to reduce your heating bills.

Since your heating accounts for approximately 60% of your total energy bill, this is definitely one area you’ll want to keep a close eye on. You may be able to save a significant amount of money on your annual heating bill just by making a few quick fixes and key purchases.

British weather can be utterly dismal at times, and we know that families sometimes spend an extraordinary amount trying to keep their homes warm all year long. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your heating costs, we hope the following tips will prove helpful:

Dress for warmth

Sometimes, putting on more clothes can mean that you don’t need to turn the heating on at all. This might seem obvious, but it is something that can get overlooked if you’re used to just cranking up the thermostat whenever you feel chilly. You’d be surprised what a difference some slippers or an extra jumper can make, and if you’re looking to reduce your heating costs, this is a great way to start!

Of course, you should always be sensible about layering up – it’s okay to turn up the heating if you’re already wearing as many clothes as is comfortable. You and your housemates needn’t dress like you’re mounting an expedition to the North Pole!

Replacing your old boiler to reduce your heating bills

An outdated or faulty boiler can add a lot of extra money to your heating bills. If your home energy usage is abnormally high, it may be that your boiler needs to be replaced. Although this may seem like a pricey investment, your new boiler should last for 10-15 years so it’s often well worth the expense.

When choosing your new boiler, it may be worth keeping in mind that electric boilers run more efficiently than gas boilers, although gas is cheaper than electricity. Your choice will depend on the location of your home and your personal preference. This blog post may help you to make the right decision: Should I Choose a Gas Boiler or an Electric Boiler?

Whatever you pick, modern boilers tend to run a lot more efficiently than their predecessors.

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Draught-proof your to reduce your heating bills

It can be very frustrating to get your home all warm and toasty…only for the heat to disappear as soon as you turn your heating off. If this is something you’ve experienced, it’s likely that you should pay more attention to draught-proofing your home.

This is much easier than it sounds, and some simple changes can help maximise how long your home stays warm for (thereby reducing the amount you spend on heating):

  • Keep your curtains closed at night and open in the day – Opening your curtains during the day allows sunlight to heat your home. Drawing the curtains after dark will trap heat in your home, ensuring that it doesn’t all escape overnight. This easy fix can make a larger difference than you might expect!
  • Keep windows and doors shut when the heating is on – If this isn’t something you do already, you’ll be shocked at what a difference this makes. You want to keep cold air out and trap warm air inside, so shutting your doors and windows should be a no-brainer.
  • Use draught excluders – Heat often escapes through the gaps at the bottom of closed doors. If you have a gap between your door and your floor that seems to let out a lot of heat, use a draught excluder to prevent this from happening. These are relatively cheap to buy online.
  • Close ventilation fans and fireplace flues – Heat often escapes through ventilation fans in kitchens and bathrooms, and through fireplaces in homes that have them. Make sure you turn fans off when they aren’t needed and close the fireplace flue to stop cold air entering your home through the chimney.

Invest in a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats can help save you money on your energy bills. The Nest Thermostat learns your heating routine and programs itself accordingly. This means that it can set your home’s temperature to your preferred setting as you wake up or before you get home. It also switches off the heating when you leave the house, and turns off your hot water when you’re away from home for a few days.

Smart thermostats are designed to save you money and can tell you exactly how much you’re saving on your energy bills. The Nest Thermostat tells you when you’re saving money by displaying an eco leaf – this symbol appears when you adjust the temperature and lets you know that you’re doing your bit to reduce energy usage.

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