What Boiler Should I Buy?

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What Boiler Should I Buy?

Buying a new boiler could quite possibly be the most expensive household purchase you will ever make. This means its essential that you choose the right boiler at the right place at the right time.

Making the correct decision is essential to how long your boiler will last. The average lifetime of a boiler is 8-12 years, so you don’t want a cheap boiler that breaks after three years, do you? You need to choose the best boiler for a price that suits you.

So what boiler should you buy? The initial step is to come to a conclusion of which boiler is best for you and your family. Below is a breakdown of the main boiler types that people purchase, to ensure you can make an informed decision when purchasing your new boiler.

Combination Boilers

A combination (combi) boiler is the number one selling boiler type, they give you hot running water and heating as and when you want it – no waiting around for the water to heat up! They are compact and really quick to install, meaning that you save on space and money. Making the combi boiler the most suitable solution for smaller properties: typically flats and small houses.

Sealed System Boilers

Another boiler type to consider for those slightly larger properties would be a system boiler. This type of boiler, although not as popular, allows you to run hot water from multiple taps all at the same time. This brings convenience to you and your family. A system boiler is a perfect solution for a larger house as it requires an unvented cylinder for storing hot water alongside the boiler.

Conventional Boilers

The conventional boiler (also known as the standard boiler or Open Vent boiler) is perfect for a house with more than two bathrooms. This boiler is suited more for a larger home, as it requires a cold water tank and a hot water cylinder, so there needs to be a lot of space in your home to accommodate for this!

Still wondering what boiler should you buy? There is no one type of boiler that is suitable for all situations and a variety of home sizes. Combi boilers are best suited for a smaller home, as they don’t require a hot water cylinder or cold water tank but you won’t be able to have hot water running simultaneously from different taps. Whereas, conventional and system boilers are best suited for a larger home, as they take up a lot more space to provide the benefits of having hot water from different taps, at the same time!

When you are looking for a new boiler, the most important thing to take into consideration is to ensure that you choose the right size boiler for your home. This is dependent on the size of your house and the number of bathrooms and radiators you have, as this determines the amount of heating and hot water you will use or need.

It might be best to seek advice from a qualified Heating Advisor to ensure you choose the right size boiler. Choosing the wrong size could impact on the efficiency of your new boiler and the heating and hot water in your home.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the recommended boiler for your property.

Which new boiler should I buy?

Flat/House: 1-2 bedrooms with 1 bathroom

What boiler should I buy if I have a flat? If you have a small house or flat, with no more than one bathroom, you might be wondering which boiler is best for such a small property. For this property, you don’t need a high capacity boiler as there is only a small number of rooms that need heating! Why would you want a high capacity boiler to not use it to its full potential?

Most people in a small property will have a system boiler, you will have a water tank if you have this type of boiler, which takes up a lot of room! We recommend that you convert your system boiler to a combi boiler, not only does it save on space, but it means you have hot water on-demand. No waiting around for the hot water to heat up for the relaxing bath you’ve been wanting all day!

And a combi boiler saves energy. How? A system boiler will store water in the cylinder, having to reheat it multiple times to keep the water hot. A combi boiler heats the water up as you want it, no reheating of the water is required. Can’t decide what boiler you should buy? Contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to help!

House: 3-4 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms

Typically, a 3-4 bedroom house will have two bathrooms. You might be questioning which boiler would suit your house? Because a powerful combi boiler (38-35KW) would work well for the size of your property, and so would a new, efficient conventional boiler (18-24KW)!

We recommend speaking to a qualified Gas Safe Heating Advisor who will be able to advise you on the best boiler for your situation and home.

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House/Bungalow: 4+ bedrooms with multiple bathrooms

As the size of your house goes up, so does your heating and hot water demands. This, in turn, means that a more powerful boiler is required to heat up the amount of hot water required for your larger property.

Want to know which boiler is the best and what boiler you should buy? For a property of this size, we don’t recommend a small capacity boiler, as it simply would not be able to keep up with the demands of hot water and heating required. You want a boiler that will be able to manage multiple showers, taps and appliances all at the same time!

A property this large suggests that there is a LOT of space, making a conventional or system boiler the perfect choice! Due to the size of the property and the demands that you will be putting on your boiler due to the amount of heating and hot water required, we suggest that you talk to a qualified Heating Advisor to ensure that you are getting the right boiler for your home, the first time! Want to find out what boiler you should buy and speak to a Heating Advisor? Request a call now!

Choosing the right boiler for your home can be a difficult choice, you might have to sacrifice space for having multiple appliances or taps running at the same time. Or you might have to sacrifice on-demand heating due to the size and the demands of your property.

Now you know what type of boiler to choose for your home, you have to think about the brand you might use or even the company.

Take a look at our blog to help you make an informed decision: I can’t afford a new boiler, what are my options?

We want to ensure that you choose the right boiler at the right place at the right time, and at the right price, the first time round to save you money and hassle! Our customers are our priority and we want you to be happy.

Get in touch with us today if you need help or advice with choosing the boiler that is right for you and find out the perfect boiler you should buy.

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