Winner! Indy Bhogal gets her Gas Bills paid for one whole year

Winer Indy Bhogal wins her gas bills paid for a whole year in ImpraGas competition

Free gas bills paid for a year – WINNER of ImpraGas’ July Competition: Indy Bhogal

Our customers mean the world to us. Alongside our great customer service, we have a dedicated team who ensure that, when you buy a boiler from ImpraGas, your boiler installation runs as smooth as possible! We wanted to support our amazing customers with their gas bills because they often come to us saying they want to save on their energy bills – that’s why they want a new boiler from us.  

In July, we ran ImpraGas’ ‘Free Gas Bills Paid for a Year’ competition. Everybody who had their boilers installed from ImpraGas in July were automatically entered for a chance to win. 

We are delighted to announce our lucky winner was Indy Bhogal, a lovely young woman who lives with her brother and father in Haynes. She chose to have a Vaillant EcoTech Boiler installed complete with a 10 year warranty and she was able to take up our great summer offer of 10 years free servicing. 

We spoke to Indy to get her thoughts on winning the competition and her experience with ImpraGas.

Q. Why did you need a new boiler?

A. We had a 14 year old Vaillant boiler – nothing wrong with it but our gas bills where high and being an old boiler it wasn’t as efficient as a new boiler would be – so we wanted a new boiler to save money in the long term.

We had recently moved our gas and electric and got a Smart Home product from the leading gas supplier so thought it would also be a good idea to get the boiler replaced.

We didn’t want to wait until winter and for the boiler then not to work.

Q. How did you hear about ImpraGas?

A. We got a quote from a leading gas supplier but it was extortionate, so I thought just because I am with them doesn’t mean I need to go with them.

Q. Did you go online and check us up?

A. I had not heard of ImpraGas before.

Q. What did you find out from your search?

A. I went to a comparison website to try and get the right deal. I put my information in was contacted by someone who recommended ImpraGas. They said you had been around a while and are a good company.

Q. Why did you choose ImpraGas?

A. Steve come over to give a quote. I felt at ease with him and he gave me information about my boiler, about gas and my house and water pressure. The leading gas supplier didn’t go through this.

When Steve walked away I knew so much more about boilers. I didn’t need such a large one. He wasn’t pushy. The leading gas supplier was quite pushy and said this was the best deal I could get. Steve said it is your decision, you have 30 days, and we offer great aftercare. We will take care of you for the lifetime of the boiler. I didn’t know much about boilers so that reassured me. 

After Steve left I knew I would go with ImpraGas but I didn’t want to be impulsive so waited for a couple of days. I got more quotes from EON and a local company.

Q. What did we do well?

A. The brochure was great, it took me through the process and aftercare, it works really well. It was easy to read and it was open and transparent – I know there would be no extras. I had 2 or 3 other companies to compare with. The leading gas supplier was confusing, EON was lengthy but ImpraGas was user friendly.

I called into the office and got through quickly, good service and the aftercare was better than any other company I had been with before.

Q. How do you feel about winning the competition?

A. I had to read the email 3 times and thought this can’t be right, this is great!

Q. What difference will it make to you?

A. The reason we got a boiler in the first place was to save money in the long term. This will be more money towards the bill I always dread. It will make such a difference each month.

I get a 10 year warranty, 10 years free service and I have won the competition. Its 10 stars for ImpraGas.

I think it’s been an overall great experience from a company I didn’t know. I would recommend ImpraGas because it is unusual for a company to get the journey right. Keep it up!

Q. Did you know ImpraGas was started by Joseph Valente who won the Apprentice in 2015?

A. No but Steve did mention the Apprentice which was reassuring because everyone has heard of the Apprentice and someone who wins that will have the right business.

Indy brought up some great things about our company. ImpraGas is the fastest growing boiler installation company in the UK (we sell one boiler every hour) and are in the heart of people’s homes. We are committed to make sure we get it right, first time every time.

If you want to stand a chance of winning this competition, we have rolled it out and extended it until the end of September! Want to be the winner? Want to have your gas bills paid for a year like Indy? Get your new boiler installed from ImpraGas in August or September to be entered into our competition!

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